Dogwalking at Southridge

At Southridge we aim to give all dogs - from smallest Chihuahua to biggest Great Dane - at least two exercise periods a day (though we aim for 3-4), providing them with exercise, fresh air and a change of scene from their time in kennels. With over 50 canine residents at any one time, the need to exercise our dogs is one of our highest priorities. Our team of volunteer dog walkers provide a tremendous service in all weathers, 365 days a year.

We always need more walkers and your help will be greatly appreciated by our staff and especially by our dogs. We will provide you with a health and safety course and all the training needed to walk the dogs safely.

Remember, some of our animals can get quite excited at times and behave very differently from your own dog. Even experienced “dog people” can take a while to learn the habits and behaviours of some of our animals, so we’ll start you off walking smaller breeds initially - dogs whose size you can easily manage.

As soon as you’re ready - and once our full time staff are happy - we’ll move you on to some of our larger animals. Remember that existing dog walkers and members of staff are always on hand to provide guidance and help if needed. Given the diverse range of dogs that come to Southridge and the strength and confidence of the volunteers there is always a dog for everyone. 

Whatever your preference, there will be a dog who will happily walk round the fields with you and be very grateful that you gave him twenty minutes of your day.

Please also note the following:
• There is always a large number of dogs to be walked by volunteers.
• It's only by good teamwork that all dogs get walked. Dog walkers have to be sensitive to the needs of each dog fairly.
• You could get mucky at times.
• Due to the needs of some dogs, you may find yourself walking on your own although other walkers and staff will be around.
• We would prefer a regular commitment to walk i.e. every Thursday afternoon for instance, even if you can only spare a couple of hours a week.

If having read these notes you decide dog walking is not for you there are many other tasks our volunteers can get involved with. More...