Volunteer work in the Cattery

There is always something to be done in our cattery, seven days a week. The cats in our temporary care really benefit from the time and attention our volunteers are able to devote.

There are two main areas where you can help:

Normally from 8:45 AM to 11 AM. Volunteers usually work with a member of staff.

Grooming and socialising
From 11 AM until 4:45 PM. Volunteers normally work on their own.

Staff are always on hand to inform you which cats need attention and those with any special needs. You will be taught how to work safely in the cattery at an induction course

We really do value the help you could give to the cattery and it would be much appreciated by the staff. No matter how much or how little spare time you can devote each week, you’ll find taking part a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you would like to become a cat socialiser apply here…

If having read these notes you decide working in the Cattery is not for you there are many other tasks our volunteers can get involved with. More...