Animal Pensioners Scheme

Sammy july 2010-1
an elderly gent (above), was rescued from an ‘animal sanctuary’ and since July has lived with Joan and Philip Tubby with their five cats in Potters Bar. Said Joan: ”apparently he had never lived in a house before and we were full of trepidation of what was to come. He is still not housetrained but we are coping with this and he is now getting used to a lot of tickles. He has a very gentle nature... he is definitely a Dad dog... he looks at Phil with loving eyes and they have a cuddle most nights”.

(above right), an elderly terrier cross, lives with animal care assistant Kerri Brown, 24, in Potters Bar. He came in as a stray in February and has been up for homing but was recently diagnosed with a serious spine complaint. “He’s settled in really well” says Kerri, who has four other dogs and a cat. “What attracted me to Teddy was that he was supposed to be really naughty and I like a challenge”.

When dog walker Pat Marangos and husband Laki saw Jade it was love at first sight. Jade (right with Pat), a 10-year-old German Shepherd, was neglected by her owner and had spent seven months in kennels.

Says Laki: ‘he is absolutely adorable and enjoys cuddles and games. Apparently she has had a small stroke so she has little feeling on one side of her mouth... she is so trusting that she allows eye ointment, grooming and the hairdryer without fuss. The stroke seems to have affected her vision in one of her eyes and she tends to ‘nose’ the tennis ball rather than catch it in her mouth, which is hilarious. She is now a member of the family... we are delighted to have such a loveable companion”.

10, has heart disease and lives with the Trott family in Little Berkhamsted. “He is wary at first but when he sees you are friend, not foe he is so loving” says Patricia. “My daughters love him and he is very playful. Everyone that meets him says what a handsome chap he is. He has settled in so well and I cannot believe how lucky we are to have him. It’s scary and sad to think that had we not contacted Southridge and taken him, such a lovely cat could still be languishing in a cattery with no home.”