The Friends of Southridge

The Friends of Southridge was formed in 1970, just after the Centre opened, with the aim raising funds specifically for the centre. Every penny we raise is used only at Southridge.

Pensioners Scheme
It is a sad fact that some dogs, cats, rabbits, horses or other animals will never be rehomed simply because of their age or medical condition. To improve the quality of life in their twilight years, the Friends, wherever possible, place these animals in foster homes by covering the cost of upkeep, treatment and veterinary bills. This allows animals that have, in many cases, suffered terribly in the past to end their days in loving, caring homes. Read about our latest pensioners...

Sponsored Animals Scheme
Large animals or farm animals are often harder to rehab than domestic pets like cats and dogs, especially if they have medical problems. Occasionally these animals are up for sponsorship from Friends. The animal remains at the centre where their sponsor can visit them and bring them treats, while the Friends cover the cost of upkeep and veterinary bills.

Veterinary Bills
We raise thousands of pounds every year to pay the veterinary bills of the special case animals - animals for which there is just not enough money to treat. These are the very old, those needing specialist or costly surgery or long-term treatment. Without our support these poor animals would not have a future.

The Friends also provide much-needed equipment. For instance, a dishwasher in the animal's kitchen helps to reduce the spread of disease by sterilising the dog's bowls; a paddock cleaner, allowing the horses graze in a hygienic environment; collars, leads and coats for the dogs; special bedding for the cats; and comfortable, hygienic flooring in the stables.

We also fund facilities that Southridge simply could not do without, such as secure exercise areas for the dogs which allows them to spend quality time out of their kennels; perimeter fencing to safeguard animals from the dangers of the M25 motorway nearby.

As a result of all our fundraising, we provide a safety net for animals in desperate need of medical care and attention. It is only because of the money raised that the centre is able to treat these animals. Without the Friends of Southridge, the only option for many animals at the Centre would be euthanasia - the very last resort.