Southridge often has ferrets for rehoming and, with a loyal fan base, they are not around for too long. So what’s so special about these little creatures? We asked one admirer...

“Ferrets are adorable. They make wonderful pets, are inquisitive and very affectionate” said Carol Brown, who lives in Potters Bar and works at Wood Street Veterinary Hospital in Barnet. “I have had Marlene for five years now...she was a rescue from the RSPCA and is actually aged seven. I had always wanted a ferret but the feeding of dead chicks etc was always a big turn-off. Now there are complete ferret diets on the market which makes it much easier to keep them. They must be spayed and microchipped as they can be escape artists! Marleneā€Ÿs favourite trick is leaping into my pot-pourri, rolling over legs akimbo and using it as a sand bath — messy, but she does come out smelling a lot sweeter. All in all I wouldn’t be without her!” says Carol, pictured.