Important information about your new pet

It is Society policy to neuter all dogs, cats and rabbits, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Your animal will either be neutered during his or her stay at the centre or if it is a bitch you will be asked to bring her back to Southridge at the correct time in her cycle for neutering her.

All dogs and cats are micro-chipped on arrival at the centre. This helps authorities identify animals should they unfortunately become lost or stray. The chip is painlessly implanted into the scruff of the animal's neck. The chip carries a unique number which is registered to the animals new owner on adoption.

Health Check
All animals have a basic health check carried out by a veterinary surgeon at Southridge. Where necessary the animal is given a vaccination, wormed or treated for fleas. Some of our animals may require ongoing treatment from medical conditions after rehoming and our staff will explain the extent of any treatment to the prospective owner before adoption. In these circumstances you will also be able to discuss the pets condition and any future medical expense with your veterinary surgeon before adoption. Our staff will be only too pleased to give you a copy of the animal's veterinary history (as far as we have it) to take to your vet.